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Current Troop Programming Resources
Personal Management MB Monthly Expense/Income Ledger Form
Personal Management Resources Merit Badge
Family Life MB Book  (pdf format)
Family Life MB Worksheet -
Family Life Merit Badge Resouces
Family Life and personal Management Merit Badges on separate Web
Merit Badge Book ON LINE All Merit Badge Books

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Information
Emergency Preparedness MB Requirements
Emergency Preparedness MB Worksheets
Personal Fitness MB Requirements (Word Format)     (PDF Format)
PERSONAL FITNESS MB Worksheet (Word Format)     (PDF Format)
Medication Card
Food Pyramid Website
First Aid Merit Badge Requirements (Word Format)      (PDF Format)
First Aid MB Worksheet (Word Format)    (PDF Format)
Communications MB Worksheet (Updated 2/1/06)
Citizenship in the Community MB Worksheet
Citizenship in the Nation MB Worksheet - 2007
Bill of Rights
US Constitution
Boy's Life Magazine Website
Electricity Merit Badge Requirements and worksheets
Breakfast Strata for WinterCamp Recipe
Winter Camp Signup
Troop Duty Roster
NEW Physicals Class 1 & 2 Required in 2010 for Summer Camp Etc
Bay Lakes Council Website
Scouting Magazine
MacScouter - Scouting Resources Online
The Games Compendium
The Scout Zone
Voyageur District News Regarding Eagle
Rank Advancement
Local Tour Permit Application
Merit Badge Counselor Information Form
Unit Money Earning Application
Talent Release & BSA Required Release Authorization Form
Short Term Camping Reservation Form
Short Term Camping Roster Form
Boy Scout Troop 1127
Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Star Ranch Wildlife Videos and live cameras
Bear Paw Scout Camp Website
Scoutarama (lots of Scout Stuff)
The Pine Tree Web....lot of Scout History Stuff
Snow Shelters and Survival
Canoe Country Boundary Waters Website
Boundary Waters Discussion Group Website
Animated Knots
Boundary Waters Journal
Richard Proenneke One Man's Wilderness
Fire Starters
Setting up a Tarp
Troop Equipment Check Out Form (Word)   (PDF Format)
(Armstrong Creek etc)   (Word)     (PDF Format)
Duty Roster for Outings  (Word)   (PDF Format)
Meal Planning Work Sheets (Word)    (PDF Format)
Meal Planning Instruction Sheet (Word)   (PDF Format)
Boy Scout Prayers
Event Sign Up Sheet Without Names
Canoe Camping Equipment List
Eagle Rank Information Page
NEW Physicals Class 1 & 2 Required in 2010 for Summer Camp Etc
Winter Canoeing down a sled hill
Jambalya Recipes
Recipe Archives
Bannock Recipes

Winter Camp Recipes
Cowboy Breakfast PDF)  (Word)
Breakfast Strata (PDF)   (WORD)
Farmers Casserole (PDF)     (WORD)
Sloppy Joe Recipe (PDF)
Cheese Potatoes (Word)
Easy Lasagna (PDF)    ( Word)
Click Here for methods
Fish Hook Removal
Sourdough Baking
Canoecopia 2011 Click Here for
Council and National Sites
Wilderness Cookery (1965 edition)
Charles Sommers Canoe Base
Ely Mn,
Special Places

Bittersweet Lake Wilderness Area
Link to  Personal Management / Family
Life Merit badge Page
Boundary Waters Journal
Twin Lakes Scout camp for Family
Laura Lake  in the  Nicolet National
Forest Armstrong Creek, Wis
Maple Syrup Recipes
Bear Paw Scout Camp
Cooking Merit Badge WS
Cooking Merit Badge
Family Life Merit Badge
Hiking Merit Badge
Personal Fitness Merit Badge
Personal Management MB
Disability Awareness MB
Click Here Mining in Society MB