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Over the last month, two problems surfaced while reviewing Applications and Service Projects in preparation
for the Eagle Board of Review.

Application:  In the list of Merit Badges, for merit badge groupings number 6 and 9, the candidate must cross
out the merit badges they did not earn.

Service Project:  After the Scout has completed the work on his project, he is required to write a Completion
Report, as described on page 4 of the Workbook.  Several Eagle Scout candidates have failed to include this
report in their final submittal of the Project Workbook.  The Board of Review will not be held without this

Unit leaders must be familiar with the information included in the page inserts in the Eagle Scout Packet.  
They can either make copies of those pages when the unit receives the Eagle Scout Packets for their Life
Scouts, or they can ask for an entire packet for themselves.

As has been said before, it is the unit’s responsibility to verify the Eagle Scout Application submittal is correct
and complete.

Leadership:   Leadership is a key requirement for the rank of Eagle Scout. The Scout demonstrates
Leadership skills by planning and carrying out the service project.  The Scout is to demonstrate these
leadership skills…not the family or unit leaders.

As stated in the Boy Scout Handbook: While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a
service project.

The Scout must accept responsibility for planning, directing, and following the project through to its
successful completion.  The Scout will be asked:
-  In what ways did you demonstrate leadership of others?
    -  Give examples of how you directed the project rather than doing the work yourself.

The Scout needs to demonstrate leadership of two or more individuals in planning and carrying out their

Project Approval:  When submitting an Eagle Project workbook for project approval, the submittal should
include the original Workbook and two copies.  When approved, the original and one copy will be sent back
to the Unit leader.  The original is given back to the Scout. The leader is to keep one copy in case the Scout
looses his.  The Advancement team keeps the other copy in the event that the other two are misplaced.  Yes
this happens …..all too often.

Did you know:

A great website to review information is the National Eagle Scout Association at http://www.nesa.org
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